How to Rush A Sorority

Sorority recruitment is the process, held at the beginning of each spring semester, that every collegiate woman must go through in order to pledge a sorority. At Virginia Tech there are twelve Panhellenic Sororities, located in Oak Lane, and you must rush all of them in order to get a bid from one. The recruitment process helps allow Potential New Members (PNMs) to talk to sisters, see what values each sorority has, and get a feel for what type of women belong to each chapter. It also allows sorority sisters to get to know the PNMs to see if they would be a good fit or not. The process of sorority recruitment works by going through an easy sign up, and then attending two weekends of recruitment, where you will visit each house and narrow down your options by ranking. Finally you will get a bid to one of these sororities and this is where the pledging process begins. This ‘How To’ will not only tell you how to rush a sorority, but will also include tips and details for fellow Hokies, making recruitment an easier, less stressful process, because you will now know what to expect!
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